How important is product photography?

In this day and age, customers are bombarded with choices. When searching for a product, especially an expensive one, consumers will pour over every detail. The sad news is, if the photographs do not impress, that customer is gone, perhaps forever. To add to that, a single image just doesn’t do the trick anymore.

Enter Two Finch. We partner with your company and get creative. We look at how best to communicate your product and brand. We can tell a story, capture luxury, or even create images with microscopic details. Our photographers work throughout the Hawaiian Islands with companies large and small. Our commercial photography studio is located on the Big Island or Hawai'i, but if needed we can create a studio location on any island. 

Our team is always here to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to get in touch.

Lifestyle Product Photography

See our latest shoot with Pueo Boutique and Quil and Feather, our focus and narrative with this shoot was a "lifestyle" photo session with a dreamy feel. The photos were taken on the Big Island and were created to wih a deep and rich color pallet.  

Studio Product Photography